Our Technology Speaks for Itself…

Stop and Think

Do you really have true solar power if there is a black out using your regular Solar system sold today?

More Power For Less

SolaGen™ provides more power for less with a higher quality system available in the industry today.

Fewer Panels

When you combine SolaGen™ boosting technology, it provides customers the opportunity to save money with less PV. You will gain a higher energy efficient product.

100 % Hybrid System

SolaGen™ technology provides power when all other systems fail in times of emergency. Imagine power when you need it the most. With our patent technology, you do not have to worry about fueling a loud generator or remind yourself of maintenance. You will be relaxed in the comfort of your home and not worry about power.

Up-Gradable System

If you want more independence from your utility company and more power, we can offer it.

Monitor/Data Communication

The Module having a central component for residential or small commercial business with a remote monitoring system. This means that you can conveniently monitor your solar system and bridge the gap between inverter and the owner’s computer.

Optional Equipment/Service

  • EV-Electric car charging system
  • More battery back-up, if needed
  • Maintenance service
  • Commercial & Agriculture Application