Solar Electricity makes more sense for businesses than ever before!

Rising electricity rates from our local power companies, federal and state incentives and an abundance of sunlight in the “Sunshine State” are motivating more companies than ever before to go solar, and for commercial applications the incentives available are very attractive. In addition to Florida State rebates, a commercial enterprise can benefit from a 30% federal tax credit and accelerated depreciation. You can find information on commercial solar electric incentives at

The investment in solar electricity after incentives finally offers a favorable return on investment, between 6-10 years depending on your current cost of electricity and the size of your system. It also allows your business to “lock in” the price of electricity for some or all of your electrical use thereby protecting you from future rate increases by the local power company.

Some of the benefits of a commercial solar electric system:

  • 30% Federal Tax Credit
  • $4/watt State Rebate (up to 25kW, or $100,000)
  • 5-year MACRS (Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System)
  • As low as 6 year Return On Investment
  • A measure of protection from escalating energy prices

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