Maintenance Contract

SolaGenTM offers many different maintenance contract packages. Whether it’s develop as part of our turn-key UPS generation solution, portables or remotely located equipment, we will maintain, service and continually monitor the performance of your system.

All products purchased from SolaGenTM have the option of a maintenance contract. Even if you are not within the geographic area for us to oversee your equipment personally, our technician will ensure the products you purchase from us receive reliable routine service.
24/7 Emergency Site Service

Our technician will be on the scene immediately to repair your UPS system and have things up and running properly as soon as possible.
Electricity is critical no matter where you are, and our Emergency Site Service Staff is provided to minimize your company’s and equipment downtime by arriving on site any time you need us, 24/7.

During an emergency, please call 386-218-4906. If you’re having problems with your generation power system call us right away and we will have a technician on site immediately.

System Warranty Repair

At SolaGenTM, our technician are factory authorized for our product lines. We can easily take the hassle out of warranty claims for our clients. All system warranty repair, battery warranty replacement and power cabinet equipment warranty repair are some of the types we perform.

Use SolaGenTM to make warranty repairs for quick turn-around and reliable complete solutions covered by your system warranty.

Whether you need a standby UPS generator system set for your business or an emergency backup power ups power generation system for your home, SolaGenTM   Solar Generators will provide you the power and peace of mind that you need.